Being holidays time and living in a lovely city where going to the beach is a commodity, we decided to talk about sunscreens. Why? Because we realised some weeks ago there are ecologic sunscreens and when we asked some friends why they were buying ecologic sunscreens instead of the most famous brands in pharmacies the answer was: 'I've read some s@*!t about them'.We have done some research trying to understand if the s@*!t our friends have read was right and our conclusion is: we don't know if regular sunscreens produced by well-known brands are not that health as there are sources which state that some of the components from sunscreens are a threat to our health and other sources ensure nothing is wrong. What we now is that we definitely need to protect from sun in some way, especially in summer.What we have learnt during our research is that Sunscreens can work on two different ways:

  • They can be physic filters composed by natural oils mixed with zinc oxid or titanium dioxid. They basically don't allow the radiations to reach our skin by blocking them.
  • They can be chemical filters: the sunscreen penetrates in our skin and it absorbs the radiation by using different components, each one aiming to absorb different radiation types.

The first type of sunscreens work immediately but they must be used every time after a bath since they do not penetrate our skin and they are not waterproof. The second type of sunscreens (chemical ones) need 20 minutes to start working and there is some controversial information about them since some sources state that some of the components used on these sunscreens can damage our health. We invite you to share with us some reliable sources about the topic if you are interested and we recommend you use sun protection according to your skin needs always! You can even google for recipes to prepare your own homemade sunscreen!