3 Key Summits

  • July - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. World leaders will meet to formulate financial system reforms. This meeting will serve to prevent the use of funds on financial bubbles relocation money for social needs (health, education, low-carbon energy) while also combating corruption and capital flight. The success on this summit is crucial to allow countries to have the necessary funds to invest on new and sustainable ways of growing.
  • September - New York, US. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) will be under approval. These are built upon the Millennium Development Goals agreed in 2000 in New York, US. These new SDGs will guide global and national policies to achieve a sustainable development by giving concise, pragmatic and executable actions to achieve 17 goals which comprise: ending poverty and hunger, giving equal opportunities to everyone, using our resources respecting the environment, combating climate change and in summary fostering a sustainable growth and evolution of each continent, country and citizen.
  • December - Paris, France. This is expected to be the summit where world leaders will reunite to adopt a global agreement towards the climate change. The two previous events will have some influence on the decisions taken here. The climate change is measured by the increase of the Earth's temperature. The main action to combat it is decarbonizing our energy system. In other words we need to stop using energy sources emitting carbon such as oil, coal and gas and/or start using carbon capture and storage technologies while increasing renewable energies use with the critical component of enhancing an efficient use and encouraging conservation of energy.

This is the vision of what leaders are doing during 2015, the year of sustainable development, but it is not only about what leaders are doing. Bottom up approaches usually also work and we, as citizens and inhabitants of our lovely planet Earth need to take action and add sustainability with our actions. There will be activities, news and events all around the globe to foster sustainability and mindset shifts. What can you do? If you already have any ideas, please share them in our blog and if you do not see what you can do about sustainability on your daily life, be patient! We will be posting soon some ideas!